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Founded in 1999


(Not connected to any other Company with a similar name in the recruitment sector) 

Our services

Having been a fully franchised member of the "MRINetwork"  Global Executive Search Group of companies for over 20 yrs, we have rebranded and now focus our main efforts on the UK market using that valuable experience and adherence to high standards as an independent.

It is important to clarify that we are headhunters, we proactively approach and speak directly to individuals in the marketplace every day, people who are already adding significant value and profit to their current employers.

We then work together to discover the best path for them to reach their full potential and further their careers.

We do not wait for people to come to us.


Retained Executive Search


Its urgent, you need to fill the role and you now need specialists focused on filling the position for you full time.

You have spoken to candidates "looking" for a change - now you need to find candidates who are delivering profit for their current companies and persuade them to join your team.


We work with you

Together, we will agree a plan of action.

With our team behind you, its time make the changes you need.

Contingency Search

You need a specific skill set, its not urgent but it is very important to strengthen your team further. You need people working on this issue every day.

Bespoke Marketing

We will discuss contacting the type of company you are looking to work for, in the location you want.


Its time to meet candidates you have not seen before. Individuals that we know in the market but others do not.  If we know them, we can act even more swiftly to bring them to you.

Your safety

We never send out any of your details without discussing an opportunity with you first and securing your agreement that you wish us to do so.

What we do


To identify the impact performers and provide them with an opportunity to progress their career in an environment that encourages growth, development and exceptional performance


To help Companies grow with the right mix of chemistry, skills, motivation and dedication in their teams

We are determined that the right people find the right place at the right time.

We target and identify impact performers with new opportunities every day !


Working together ...

To identify the impact performers wherever they are ...


Email us with your details (CV, Tel, preferred email) to:
Alternatively call or leave a message initially on:
+44 (0) 333 050 7080
and one of our consultants will speak to you if we are available.
Please try to email initially,  as we are nearly always on the phones, we will willingly call you back on the number you provide.

​For individuals wanting to progress further in their career:

Our searches are often confidential and rarely advertised publicly. 

So, if you want to get past your own glass ceiling, if you believe that you can perform at a higher level than you do now,  we would like to speak to you ...

Take away the frustrations of poor management or longer than necessary commutes and email us to open a dialogue.

In the last 20 years or so, we have placed individuals at almost every level so, whether you are approaching the first level of management, or have been on the Board of Directors for years,  just drop us an email with your contact details and we will get back to you and work out a plan of action with you.

MD's, Directors, VP's, Medical Directors, Editorial Directors,  Client Service Directors, Account Directors, Editorial Managers, Editors, Medical Writers and Account Managers.

The job titles change, but the value of being in a team that allows you to be happy and perform at the highest level does not.

For New Clients

These days you have so many options.


The question to ask is "where are your core skills ?" 


Using valuable time advertising and searching for new team members on social media, business media, multiple websites, through several agencies, personal recommendations, referrals or even sifting through CV's that are sent in to you directly  from hopeful candidates, when really your skills are needed elsewhere can be very frustrating. Especially if you still struggle to uncover the right people.

Is there a better way ? 

Using our core skills, developed over 20+ years, we spend every day searching for the real "impact" players and proactively speaking to them, the very individuals that Companies like yours probably want to keep, the people that really are the backbone of your team.

Often, we find these individuals do not apply for other positions or even look for them. 

Without the right people in the right positions in your Company, even the very best  businesses can falter and fall behind in their plans to grow.

We would be happy to arrange a convenient time to discuss  and review your current processes with you.

Dir Line:  +44 (0) 333 050 7080 and leave your details and availability or,

...just drop us an email on:

Current opportunities:

Our team currently has active searches underway for Senior and Middle management positions within the Medical Communications sector and will of course, accept speculative applications.

These positions will not be advertised.

In addition, we always speak to Medical writers, many of whom rise up the ladder swiftly, so if you are planning a change in future, why not take the first step and email or call us...

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